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02nd January 2012
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Well, the arbitrary chronologic demarcation that separates 2011 and 2012 has well and truly passed. For today at least it looked like its brought some good weather and good gritstone conditions too, (although I doubt it will last!). But for the moment I've just got that achey tired feeling and thin fingertips that can only mean you've been out bouldering on grit. Great! I almost forgot what this feels like.

Some guy getting involved on a 7b problem on the Bad Landing boulder

I got a couple of problems done at Curbar today, and made tangible progress on a longterm project, so its all good. But the main victory today was just being out in great weather and enjoying some top-quality climbing. Its days like this that remind you why the eastern edges of the Peak are world class.

John Coefield enjoying a classic at Curbar today

Despite my cynical attitude to New Year hype its hard not to look ahead to the coming year and thinking of the past 12 months. I found a few notes I made this time last year I set myself a few goals for the year. Call them resolutions if you want, although lets not get bogged down in photographic semantics

  1. Take more photos - relating to a drought I had during the back half of 2010
  2. Get out for some moonlight shots
  3. Put some content on the website

All in all I've not done too badly. I've certainly been out taking photos more, and importantly been getting some decent results. Check. Between this year and last the website has had a total overhaul, so I think that counts against the last item on the list.

On to the moonlight photos.....I'll gloss over this one as I only got out for moonlight shots once last year, and despite taking two cameras and two tripods out I managed to come away empty handed. One camera had entirely blurred shots (probably camera moving in the wind) and the other one I'd shot some promising shots with only later to realise I'd not put any film in it. Lack of film is of course not a major problem if the camera in question is digital, but in this case it was a film camera. Damn. Especially as each shot was a 20minute exposure so thats a lot of time wasted. Hopefully this is the one and only time I'll make this particularly annoying mistake.

The problem with moonlight work is you only get 13 full moons a year, each one with a window of a few days either side to let you make long exposure that are not too long. On top of this the weather will restrict that down a long way, as you don't really want rain, strong winds or overcast skies. And the remove all the days you're otherwise engaged with "normal life" and it doesn't necessarily leave you a lot of time, especially if you like to shoot with no film in the camera.

So maybe my list for this year should look a bit like this:

  1. Get out for some moonlight shots - and this time actually produce some good shots.
  2. Develop the website further - maybe online print ordering?
  3. something else.....

Can't decide yet on the third one.... blog more often maybe?

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